A work in progress

6 10 2009

So, this blog is new. I have my other personal blog about me and my family but I want to continue making things and documenting my progress so I have decided to do so on a new blog. Also, I thought that I would have a go at using WordPress as oppose to Blogger and see how I get on. The best things so far that I love is the fact that you can have the different pages, so possibly I will move the whole thing over here in the future. That is a scary prospect however, as I have followers and commenters and you do not want to mess about with that stuff. But, if I am serious about the whole thing it might mean a few months of building things up but I am sure I could do it. I don’t really have the time consistently at the moment so I am thinking I will develop this as and when I have a few minutes spare and then consider a move at Christmas.

I want a blog header that is my own and a smaller version that I can use for Twitter and as my picture on WordPress. I don’t know how to do that and where to start so I will have to ask around. I am considering opening a Folksy shop and making cushions and other bits and pieces but for now I am just doing it for my friends and family as birthday presents and christmas presents to see what the feedback I get is like. Then if it is good I will consider trying to make some bits and pieces to sell but I am not sure that I am that good!