Make it Monday: Pot of indoor narcissus

5 10 2009

This week is another Christmas present. It wasn’t too expensive – I spent a total of £6.50 which I don’t think is too excessive. You could make it much cheaper by finding fun and unusual containers in charity shops, flea markets or at the car boot.

I bought a pack of Narcissus Paperwhite Ziva bulbs from our local garden centre. They are a fragrant variety that flower in December or January (I am hoping that they will come up in time for Christmas). They cost £2.99 for 5 bulbs. You could do this with any other indoor suitable bulbs however. I love the delicate flowers on these.


I bought this pot for £3.49.


I requested the help of my glamorous assistant husband.


We added crocks to the bottom of the pot (in our case some pebbles from our garden).


Then planted the bulbs upright in bulb fibre so that the tip of the bulb is just level with the top of the fibre.


We moistened the bulb fibre and placed the container in a cool, dark place with the temperature below 10 degrees C (50 degrees F). In our case the garden shed, which if it is not that cold yet I am sure it soon will be. Check the water weekly and water if dry. After 12 weeks move to a warm, light place for flowering. 12 weeks for me will be the weekend before Christmas – you could just get your 12 weeks in if you started this week

So we will hope that these will come up in time.