The Gallery: Family

20 06 2012

My favourite picture of us all taken at the weekend. The perfect entry for this week’s Gallery theme.

My wonderful Family.

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The Gallery: Sunshine

30 05 2012

Not only is it actually warm and sunny but we are also on holiday in Cornwall staying with family. I cannot begin to explain how much good it does me to be on the beach, spending time with my children. There is something about the wide open spaces, the breeze, the views and the sounds of the sea that fill up my heart and soul and just make me so happy. I feel like I am charging my batteries. I feel happy.

 I wish that Kate would stop trying to eat fist fulls of sand though!

I hope that you have managed to enjoy the sunshine in the past week too.

This post is a submission to The Gallery. Go and see more beautiful sunshine pictures.

The Gallery: Morning

16 05 2012

I haven’t done the gallery for a while. I always want to but I work on Wednesdays and the day just passes me by.

I’ve seen tweets this evening about it so I’ve grabbed my phone and scrolled back through my pictures to the last one that was was taken in the morning.

It is not a good photo because it’s very hard to get an iPhone picture of wrestling small people. I am not a morning person so screaming, wriggling toddlers make me a little grumpy but I can’t keep it up for long because the giggles would put a smile on anyone’s face. Even mine.

I love that they do this, they have such fun. I could do without the adrenaline rushes when one or the other gets a little close to the edge but it’s magical all the same. Who wouldn’t love squishy, pyjama wearing, bed tousled hair wrestling babies?

The Gallery: Me right now

1 02 2012

So, for the gallery this week you had to take a picture of you and what you were doing when you read Tara’s gallery prompt post this week.

It was Friday night. I had driven back from Cornwall on my own with two children for the first time ever. My carefully planned journey including a stop at Heather’s house for dinner had fallen apart when I got stuck in a traffic jam due to a lorry fire on the A303 and had to take a detour and head straight home. The second half of the journey was mostly hell on a stick and when I finally reached home at 6.30pm with two children having cried for the last 45 minutes I could have happily joined them. The house was dark, Mr C was traveling back from Germany and there were no parking spaces near the house. I couldn’t get the children in and then park as I can’t leave them in the house alone and so I parked at the top of the close and tried to get them out. I discovered that Piran had trashed his shoes so I managed to get them on enough for him to walk. Piran was crying for cuddles I had to carry Kate. He decided to manage this by hanging onto my trouser legs. Kate was crying and as I was getting her out of the car Piran fell over in the mud. I picked him up, set him on his feet and dusted him off, slung Kate under my arm and held his hand.  There are no street lights where we live and Piran hates the dark without a torch. They were both weeping and wailing and it was suddenly very obvious that Kate had had a monster poo. We got into the house and I just dropped to the floor in the hallway, trying to cuddle Piran to stop him crying and deal with the poo explosion in Kate’s nappy (and clothes).

Then Mr C walked in.

I believe I practically shouted “Thank God for that”. I was frankly amazed that I managed that sentence without the F word.

Two hours and two large glasses of wine later I took some time to read through some blogs in my reader on my phone. I read Tara’s post and then took this picture. I think I look particularly fetching in my pyjama bottoms and striped top. I was just relived that I still had my wits about me and that I had survived the ordeal!

The Gallery: My Photography Resolution

25 01 2012

Back in my post about 2012 I wrote about my ‘promises‘ to myself for this year. One of them was to learn to use Mr C’s DSLR camera and improve my photography. I am still using the camera in automatic mode but I do take the auto focus off occasionally. I really hope that I will manage to find an evening course later this year to go to but until then I will be teaching myself. If anyone has any great online resources I would love to know.

I took this picture at Newquay Zoo last week and I thought that it was just right for The Gallery this week. I love taking pictures and I use my iPhone every day, I use Instagram (I am Kellyfairy if anyone would like to follow!) and I am doing a 365 (or 366 this year) project at aplaceofmyown365.

The Gallery: Eyes

18 01 2012

I cannot remember the last time that I joined in with The Gallery, but this week I tried to take a new photo instead of trawling my laptop for something that would fit and I am glad that I did. One of the things I would love to do this year is teach myself to become a better photographer and doing things like this will give me the opportunity to think and to learn.

You have my eyes. Dark instead of pale like your dads and your sisters. I love the colour of your eyes, chocolate brown instead of my hazel brown. Eyes can tell us so much can’t they. I can see exactly how much sleep you have had by the smudges under your eyes, they are paler now than they had been over the past few months and the lighter they get the lighter my worry becomes. Your eyes crinkle up completely when I ask you to smile for the camera, and they disappear as you gurn and shout cheese. You raise them to the skies when you are being sullen or open them wide when you tell me off, shouting STOP if I am dancing or singing and you do not approve. It makes me laugh so much when shut your eyes and think that means that I cannot see you. Or when you pretend that you are asleep but one eye sneaks open to see if I am watching you. In the mornings your eyes are bleary with sleep and I just want to cuddle you and never let go.

But my favourite time of all to look in your eyes my darling boy is when you come into the room and see your sister. They open wide as you shout ‘HELLO Kate’ and then you lie on the floor beside her and you laugh and giggle at each other. You look up at me and say ‘Kate’s funny Mummy’ and your eyes sparkle with love and happiness.

The Gallery: Something I am proud of

23 11 2011

This rather dodgy collage may seem like an odd thing to be proud of. It is not the collage itself but what it represents.

Today was our last session of our Postnatal Depression support group. We were asked to make a picture or write something that showed our journey over the past ten weeks. This was mine. It may seem a bit odd but in essence on the left is me having a baby and already being a mum to a toddler. That I was shaken to my core with how I felt afterwards. That I wanted some treatment.

Then I went to group and was made to feel welcome.

On the right hand side I picked words that describe what my life is starting to be like, and how I want our life to be.

At the bottom is my new mantra. Thank you to Emily for sharing this with me recently. The words have been firmly stuck in my head since I heard them and I think it sums up my new frame of mind perfectly.

I am proud of myself. I am proud of the other women on my course. I am proud of the way we opened up and supported each other. I am proud that I plucked up the courage and went on the first day. I am proud that even though Kate had a complete meltdown in our first session I still went back. I am proud that I went along with an open mind and heart. I have learnt so much about myself. I can see how lost I was back then, and how far I have come. I am proud that I have been able to acknowledge that something was wrong, that I needed help and that I sought the help I needed. I am proud that I have felt able to write about my experience here, and I hope that this might make others feel less alone.

I am proud that I have seen this course through to the end and taken the messages and techniques away and applied them to my life so we can all move on from this difficult time and start to enjoy our life as a family of four.