Not here. Instead I’m…

26 07 2012

trying to cope with the heat.
resting and looking after myself.
practicing my photography for Manual Overdrive.
working on my hand sewing for my Handstitched Class.
reading a whole book!
spending time with Mr C.
packing to go to Cornwall.
spending time in the garden.
marvelling at my flowering Thalictrum.
getting out and about.
playing with water.
singing to Kate.
watching films with Piran.
wrapping presents.
planning birthdays.
writing cards.
making my house presentable for others.
enjoying beautiful early mornings.
watching 24.
looking forward to spending two whole weeks together as a family.



Make it Monday: Collect the Moments

9 07 2012

I have just finished my six week photography e-course, Collect the Moments from Capturing Childhood.

It delivered everything that I expected, lessons on light, composition, framing and angles and capturing movement.

But the course itself was so much more than that. It opened my eyes to the beauty in our every day life. It made me think about family, and what it means to me. It made me think of us as a group and as individuals. I have taken photos that encompass all of our personalities, the good bits and the difficult bits and everything in between.

It has made me think about what I record about my children and our lives. It made me consider my responsibility as a keeper of records and maker of traditions. It was just the perfect thing for me at the moment. It helped me find the happiness in my days when I was feeling so down.

I really enjoyed it and I hope that there will be courses in the future that I can join. There was a great atmosphere of support and sharing and community as well through Facebook and Flickr.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the past six weeks.

My independent girl

8 07 2012

The Gallery: Everyday

4 07 2012

Every day I sit here. On the top step of the stairs. I play with my phone, sometimes I read but really it’s too dark because I don’t want to put the light on. I’m not allowed to move. The smallest sound prompts a question. Some times I have stern words but mostly I ignore, am silent.

I hate this step. I hate sitting here. I hate myself for hating it. Obviously it is what my boy needs. Tonight it took 40 minutes. I think he is asleep, in a moment I will sneak in and check. It’s definitely quiet.

I am very fed up of the view. My bottom hurts, my feet hurt where I’ve tensed them against the edge of the next step down.

He’s stirring. Not asleep yet.

It’s very quiet. I can hear my watch ticking. I think I hear snoring.

Time to get up and check. Sneaking, holding my breath without realising. Then silently heading down the stairs.


1 07 2012

If I am completely honest I am still finding day to day life quite overwhelming at the moment. I am doing my best to just be kind to myself, to take it easy and just get through each day in the best way I can. So if I am a little silent at the moment, that is why. I am concentrating on my family and just doing the best I can to stay afloat.

And taking pictures to remind me of these days in the weeks to come.

The Gallery: Family

20 06 2012

My favourite picture of us all taken at the weekend. The perfect entry for this week’s Gallery theme.

My wonderful Family.

For more entries check out Tara’s blog.

Father’s Day tradition

17 06 2012

This week on our Collect the Moments course has been about family, and the traditions that we want to have in our family and how we capture those on film, or how we make sure that moments in our lives that are special to us as a family are recorded.

This is a big topic and one that is emotionally charged and therefore has been far out of my reach this week, however I remembered last night that on Father’s Day last year we took our first photo of all four of us together and so I was determined to do the same today.

The lighting and everything about is is shocking but I am glad we did it. Look how much my babies have changed.