Review: Pixum photobook

10 07 2012

Initial thoughts: When I was asked if I would like to create a photobook I was happy to give it a try. I have always used a different company in the past so I was interested to see the differences. I went straight to their website and found out that you need to download the book making siftware before creating your book. I did this with no problems, decided to create an A5 hardback book and got started.

I liked: The pricing and size options are all clearly laid out on their website. There are lots of options available so you can make the book that you want. The quality of the finished book is good. Some of my pictures are a little grainy but that is my issue because a lot of them were taken on my iphone. Those that weren’t are fine.

I didn’t like: Downloading the software although straightforward seemed a bit excessive, I haven’t come across anywhere else that you need to do this. It did take me a while to find my way around the software when actually creating the book, moving the photos, changing the layout etc. I managed to do everything I wanted but for someone less tech savvy it might be difficult. The book also seemed to take longer to arrive than I thought it would.

Overall: We have a lovely book of pictures of Kate’s first year that will be perfect for her memory book so all in all I am happy.

Further information: See the Pixum website for more information.

Disclosure: I was provided with a credit of up to £25 to make my own photobook for the purpose of this review. 




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