Review: MAM Trainer Cup

7 06 2012

Initial thoughts: Kate was sent a MAM Trainer Cup to review. It was a bit fiddly to take apart, wash and put back together before use but that was just because it was new, I know what I am doing now!

I liked: It is a no spill cup which is great. It has been perfect for trying to give Kate an alternative to bottles. Kate has found drinking from it easy and she has used it quite a bit.

I didn’t like: I wasn’t a fan of the pink colourway that we were sent. They come in pink, blue and thankfully green so if I ever buy a new one I will pick that one. I wish these things came in more gender neutral colours. It does have a cute owl motif on it that I liked though.

Overall: It is priced around the same as most other similar cups. This is the first MAM cup we have had and I like the design and the handles which make it easier to drink from.

Further information: See the MAM website for further information on the trainer cup. The RRP is £5.50 but I have seen them for less on various websites.

Disclosure: Kate was sent a MAM trainer cup free of charge for the purpose of this review.




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