Far, Far Away

6 05 2012

Mr C is traveling a lot with work this year and has been away from Sunday to Friday every couple of weeks. May is going to be a busy month with lots going on and we are worried about how all this change is affecting Piran. So we have been trying to think of ways to make him understand when Daddy is away, how long it will be until he gets back and to deal with all the worries that this can create for a little boy.

This young knight is called Saint Paul and he has come from Far, Far Away to look after Piran for Daddy while he is away at work. He arrived this morning and when Daddy comes back this weekend he will head back home to his mum who will be missing him by then.

Time will tell if this helps or not but Piran seems quite enamoured with the little man and has taken him with him to Nanny’s house for lunch and off to bed this evening. I have also created a calendar that I have stuck on the fridge with different coloured days for when Daddy is here or at work, and for when I am away (my one weekend off a year this weekend – CybHer in London, yay!) and for days when we are on holiday. I am hoping that crossing each day off and looking at the next one will help him understand what day Daddy will be back.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice on how to manage the expectations of a two year old I would love your input. We are just doing the best we can and talking about it so nothing is a surprise.

It is just a shame that Saint Paul the knight is unable to make me a cup of tea in the morning just like Mr C does.




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