Make it Monday: Quilted iPad Case

30 04 2012

Mr C has inherited main use of the iPad and has been asking me to make him a ‘not girly’ cover for ages. Now that I am catching up a little with myself I decided that I would try and get some sewing done this weekend so this seemed like the ideal project. I cut and prepared all the fabric when both children were napping on Saturday afternoon (at the same time. That is my idea of a miracle) and then I did the sewing on Saturday night.

I used this tutorial from One Shabby Chick. I like the result but I had quite a lot of trouble sewing the lining into the outside and then top stitching just because of the thickness of all the layers. My batting was different to hers and I think if I used a different type next time I would find it easier. I will also switch my sewing machine needle to a thicker one so that it is less likely to break (I went through two last night). I also should’ve positioned the velcro on the flap a little lower so I think I will add some snaps instead.

Mr C is very happy with the end result and I just love the fabric anyway. It is Makower London Icons and I bought it from the Owl and Sewing Cat.I lined it with a simple pale blue fabric with small white polka dots that matches the teapot and teacup from the main fabric. I quilted the back in straight lines approx half an inch apart and then I quilted some wavy lines on the front.

I think I will make a bag with the bit of fabric I have left, maybe I will get it done in time for CybHer.

If you have made anything this week please leave me a link in the comments and I will check it out.




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