Make it Monday: A fresh start

2 04 2012

I am very sorry for my absence these last few weeks, I had got into a great rhythm with Make it Monday and then wham! back to work, new job too, working three days a week and not enough time to make myself lunch most days let alone make something worth blogging about.

But all that is about to change!

I am now a work at home mum with a bit of time in one of my client’s shops so I am back with a head full of great ideas. I have even treated myself to a new Make it Monday badge.

As you can see I also treated myself to a rainbow of thread for my sewing machine new (to me) bureau for storing all my crafty goodness in. Isn’t it beautiful. Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. It is so jolly and I love seeing it every day behind the glass at the top of my cabinet.

So, Make it Monday is nearly back. Next week it is a bank holiday so I am going to hold off and come back in two weeks time with something that I have actually made! My sewing machine will not know what is happening.

I have missed sewing and making so much. There are a million things that I have planned but not had a chance to start and I am now working for the Owl and Sewing Cat, updating their website and social media accounts as well as blogging soon, so my pile of fabrics for projects is growing by the minute. There goes a) my wages b) my 2012 resolution to only buy fabric to finish projects!

I have lots of thoughts and plans whizzing round my brain and I want to make this something that we can all enjoy so if you have any ideas or anything you would like me to make or do please let me know. I would love to know what you are making too.




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