Love at first sight

7 03 2012

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored post. I have been paid to include some links but the content is my own and I really wanted you to see my new favourite thing.

As part of my attempts to rearrange our living spaces and try to get them to work better for us I have been considering what we use each space for. Before we had Kate we had a spare room which I used as a sewing room and office. I had a massive desk in there, perfect for my sewing machine, with loads of room to spread out. There was still space for people to stay as we put a sofa bed in there, but there was also loads of room to store all of my crafty bits and fabric and everything else in our house that didn’t really have a home. Some weeks it was a complete dumping ground, but I always managed to get it organised when I needed to. It was the perfect place to pop the clean washing that hadn’t been folded or anything else that needed putting away.

But, soon enough Kate came along and we had to repurpose the room as her bedroom and fill it with bedroom furniture instead. I understood that we would no longer have a desk in that room, there is not even room for childrens desks as the sofa bed has had to stay for visitors, but I didn’t realise the implications that losing that room would have on our house. It really was the place that I put everything! Now I have nowhere to fold washing, to hang wet washing out of the way. There is nowhere to store a present that I buy for someone or pop a box of things that I am going to take to the charity shop, or down to mums next time we go.

All of this stuff has slowly invaded the rest of the house and it is this that has compounded my feelings of angst about our home. Everywhere I look there is clutter and I really want that to change. From the end of this month I will be working from home two days a week, as well as living there so I needed to get on and make some changes sooner rather than later.

I will blog about the whole room as soon as I finish the few tasks that I have left, but for starters I desperately needed a desk. I spent hours trawling eBay and Gumtree and I just couldn’t find something that I wanted. All I could find where flatpack Argos or Ikea ones, I wanted something with character and something that would suit the room and the space. I was just getting to the stage where I was going to have to give up and choose something I didn’t really want and then, finally, hidden in the corner upstairs in the warehouse that sells second hand furniture for charity I found this beautiful thing.

It is battered and beaten and a bit wonky. It is dented and scratched and has a split in the top. It has been patched up and I am sure that I paid more than it is really worth. It is not even a desk, more likely an old kitchen table but oh, it was love at first sight.




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