Complete and utter chaos.

25 02 2012

It has been a long couple of weeks, a break in Torquay with family has been followed by a week of solo parenting as well as working. The Kate got ill on Thursday with a vomiting bug and Piran developed a cough and cold on Friday. I have not had a decent nights sleep in weeks and I feel like I am running on empty. Blah de blah blah blah.

It is coming up to that time of the month again too. I can tell as I have an overwhelming urge to kill everyone.

Poor Kate is so ill though and it is so hard. Most of the milk we give her comes back and I am sick of the sound of the washing machine and I have run out of clean trousers. Even just after three days she looks so different, thin and tired all of the time. Suddenly grown up, our baby has disappeared. I know it is more to do with the fact she is ill but I look at her and I can hardly recognise her all of a sudden. She hasn’t stood up for days and she is quiet. Occasionally she has even fallen asleep next to me, or even on me which is so unheard of. Most of the time she is miserable and just fights us all the way though. Will not be held and comforted even though she is crying and unhappy.

I am exhausted and going round in circles. Anyway, suffice to say things are a little fraught round here. In the midst of this all there were big changes for me as I decided that it wasn’t working back at work and so I handed in my notice this week. With lots of solo parenting during the week this year with Mr C traveling a lot for work we made a decision that I would be better off at home. I have a freelance job lined up once a week which I am so excited about and I have lots of plans and schemes that I will start to get to grips with once I have some free time.

My biggest project over the next month while I work out my notice is our front room. As I mentioned earlier this year I want to concentrate on making our home somewhere that works for us and this is the first step. I will blog along the way I am sure.

Happy Weekend everyone. I hope that things settle down round here and I am back blogging more frequently soon.




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