Review: WOW toys

5 02 2012

We were sent some WOW toys for Piran and Kate to play with and review. WOW toys pride themselves on creating super cute, super tough toys for your little ones to love …and all with no batteries required! We were sent three items in total, two for Piran and a bath toy for Kate to play with.

George’s Dragon Tale
Received hot on the heels of Piran’s new obsession with the Cbeebies programme Mike the Knight this was an immediate winner with Piran. A cute dragon, a knight, a chariot with a catapult and a boulder for launching (or the knight’s football as Piran calls it) make for great fun, imaginative play. Piran thinks that it is great and I like the fact that it is quite small so is the perfect toy for taking out and about to keep him entertained if needed.

The Wet ‘n’ Wobblies
We were sent this set of bath toys to play with. The bright colours were an instant hit with Kate and Piran loves all the pouring and squirting options. The vibrating octopus is funny in the bath, and we like to use the smallest one to pretend that it is raining on Piran and Kate’s heads. For me though I find that the set is quite big and takes up a lot of room in our small bathroom. Also, two of the three main toys are not easily emptied of water and we have had black mould instances with other toys when water has not completely been emptied at the end of bath time. I do try and make sure that this happens but it is a bit of a pain when trying to wre




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