Nine months

4 02 2012

I can’t get this post to publish properly with all the pictures I want to use so I’ll try add them at a later date.

Dear Kate,

Today you are nine months old. Nine months. I am blown away by how big that sounds. It feels like you have always been here, always been part of this family but I feel that I have missed you growing out of your baby stage, I was just so busy managing to look after our family. All traces of newborn have disappeared and you are now a cheeky, adventurous baby girl. Your eyes have stayed blue and your hair has got lighter, much more like Piran’s. You still have lovely curls though, and your slightly crazy quiff hairdo has calmed down somewhat. You have amazing eyelashes that are long and ready curled. You are right on track with clothes, just moving into the 9-12 month things you got for Christmas. This week we bought you your first pair of ‘proper’ shoes. A size 2F.

You have always loved to be on your feet but somewhere around 7.5 months you got the hang of commando crawling, dragging yourself along the floor to get what you wanted. It only took a couple weeks for you to start looking up, and grabbing and pulling on furniture. In the past three weeks you have learned to crawl on hands and knees and you are very fast. You spend all your time pulling yourself to your feet on the furniture and now you are beginning to cruise around. I try not to compare you to your brother too much but at this age he was still happily sat on his bottom just shouting at the world. I am in no way prepared for the chaos you create now you are on the move.

You are much quieter than Piran was, and that makes the times that you do speak and make noises at me even more noteworthy and special. It is probably being around your brother all day as he barely lets me get a word in edgeways let alone you. You have a laugh and a smile that are reserved just for him, you seem to find him utterly hilarious. You love it when we sing to you. You can be distracted by the television but not for long. You love to try and climb up Daddy and me, or anything else you can get your hands on. You love it when I hold your hands and you stand up and do some dancing.

We are slowly convincing you that you don’t need milk during the night and it seems to be going okay so far. No matter what we try you are an early riser, waking between 5.30-6.30 most days, full of smiles and shouts and ready for action. If you want picking up you put your arms up and wave them around and wiggle your bottom and legs. You do the same when you are excited about something. You love swimming and being in the bath, particularly with Piran. You have an obsession with trying to drink water from the bath sponge.

You just have two teeth at the front at the bottom of your mouth. We don’t see them very often, unless you are hollering. You still holler quite a bit mind you. Recently you can cry if I am around until I pick you up, no one else will do. It is nice to be wanted if I am honest, you have always been so independent even at such a young age. You are very particular, you want room temperature milk and you want your space while you are drinking, you do not like to be held at all. You are good at naps and quite happily drop off in your cot if we catch the timing right. You are enjoying trying all sorts of foods and you are definitely a fan of fruit in all shapes and forms.

You seem to love your brother very much and he loves you too. I am amazed when I see the two of you playing together, it makes everything completely worth it. You wrestle and tickle each other, and strangely you always seem to win by climbing onto him. Occasionally he gets fed up with you, when he is trying to play a game, or have a snack and you will not leave him alone. It might be an idea to stop eating his puzzles too. You love that you can follow him round now and he complains at times but I know he loves it too.

It has not all been plain sailing. Some days I feel that I will never understand you. You cry like you want comfort but refuse to be held. Sometimes if I do a silly dance you will cheer up, other times I find that I just have to leave you work it all out by yourself. I am always there though, waiting for the moment that you seem a little happier and a little more like having me around. I will always be there, I can promise you that. Things have changed a bit around here and you are now spending time at nursery and with Nanny and Grandad. Piran is always with you though and that is what reassures me every time that I go away.

We have a lot to look forward to, the weather will warm up and we will teach you to walk. Then there will be summer with picnics and parks and swimming and playing. Football with Piran and tents and water and spending time in the garden. We can build sandcastles and bury Daddy in the sand. I don’t want to wish this part of your life away but there are so many things that I am looking forward to doing with you and that is an adventure that I cannot wait to start.

I love you baby girl. Always.

Love Mum x




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