Two and a half

3 02 2012
Dear Piran,
On Wednesday you turned two and a half. I am sorry this letter is a couple days late, it has been a very busy week and I am still trying to catch up. We have just come back from staying at Grandma and Grandad’s house for two weeks where you were entertained and spoilt rotten all day long. You had a blast. You really love Grandma and particularly Grandad Derek who you did not leave alone from the moment that you woke until the moment you went to bed. I can still hear “Derek, Derek, Derek, Derek, DEREK, GRANDAD, Grandad Derek, Derek, Derek” ringing in my ears. You were in charge of giving him his pills and helping him eat his porridge every morning. You were very good at the last part.
I looked at you yesterday and you suddenly seemed so big. You still talk constantly and your vocabulary grows every single day. You are a little parrot repeating everything we say. You chatter all day long, or sing songs to yourself, or Kate. If I am lucky you will let me join in. Sometimes I try and you shout STOP MUMMY. I love it when we dance together. Suddenly the things you say show how much your imagination is growing and developing everty day. I walked in on you using your toy animals to be Grandma and Grandad and chatting to each other yesterday. It was so funny.
You are in your bed now and after months of trying we have finally got you to stay in your own room all night long. You are not necessarily pleased about this at all times but most nights you will ask for pyjamas and milk, then when that has been drunk tell us that you are going to bed now. I have to put you in bed, and pull up your covers and make sure that you have: Your penguin night light, your Bubba, the two singing mice, the stuffed dolphin you got when you met Father Christmas, Derek the sock dragon, and any other items you may have picked up that day, or on the way to bed. Last night it was a monkey with a cape. It can get a bit crowded in your bed at times.
You do not often have the patience for me to read you a story, but I took you to see a puppet show of a book called Shoe Baby and since then it has become a favourite, so much so that I can repeat most of it from memory and you join in at all the right places. You also love The Snail and the Whale and Monkey Puzzle. You like to sing and you are starting to remember more and more of songs, Twinkle, Twinkle is still a favourite, but you also like Tiny Tim the turtle and Incy Wincy Spider. You love to cook and bake and want to do everything yourself these days. Everything. It can be a little testing at times!
You are quite cautious still but recently you went off by yourself at the soft play and went round and round all by yourself for ages. You call a slide a swing, and you love the slides but the swings are not your favourite at all. You love animals and you seem to go to the zoo with Nanny and Grandad almost every week. If we ask you what you have done at ‘work’ (nursery) you will always say played with cars. You love puzzles and would do them all day long if Kate didn’t keep coming along and trying to eat them all up. This week it is all about running. You come to me and say “I BRUM Mummy, yes?” with this amazing questioning look on your face and your head tilted to the side. And when I say yes off you whizz. You are amazing at swimming now, you love going to the pool with Daddy every Saturday for your lesson and each week your Dad comes back full of stories for me and sounding so proud of you.
You do have your moments though. You hate getting dressed or undressed. Trying to get you to leave the house takes negotiation skills I didn’t know I possessed. Some times nothing works and we have a battle on our hands with you kicking and wriggling and screaming. I hate those moments so much, I get so frustrated. I know you are just testing boundaries but some days I just want to scream back. You tell me every time you go to the toilet but still do not want to sit on a potty or toilet so we are still using nappies. We struggled so long with your sleeping I hope that we have cracked it now but it really took its toll on your dad and me.
You love your sister a lot and now she is at nursery with you you are very proud of her and will apparently tell anyone that listens that she is your sister. She is moving now and can crawl after you at quite a speed which I think you love. You try to get her to play things that she is too small for but it will not be too long before she is on her feet and chasing after you properly. I am looking forward to the summer so much, and seeing you both play together is one of the most amazing parts of my day.
You are a lovely boy and we are so very lucky that you are our little boy. We love you so much, and constantly wander around amazed that we made this small crazy wonderful person. I cannot capture you and how much you change and develop each day in these letters but I hope that I catch the essence of who you are and who we are as a family so that we can look back and remember together.
I love you little boy.
Mum x



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