The Gallery: Me right now

1 02 2012

So, for the gallery this week you had to take a picture of you and what you were doing when you read Tara’s gallery prompt post this week.

It was Friday night. I had driven back from Cornwall on my own with two children for the first time ever. My carefully planned journey including a stop at Heather’s house for dinner had fallen apart when I got stuck in a traffic jam due to a lorry fire on the A303 and had to take a detour and head straight home. The second half of the journey was mostly hell on a stick and when I finally reached home at 6.30pm with two children having cried for the last 45 minutes I could have happily joined them. The house was dark, Mr C was traveling back from Germany and there were no parking spaces near the house. I couldn’t get the children in and then park as I can’t leave them in the house alone and so I parked at the top of the close and tried to get them out. I discovered that Piran had trashed his shoes so I managed to get them on enough for him to walk. Piran was crying for cuddles I had to carry Kate. He decided to manage this by hanging onto my trouser legs. Kate was crying and as I was getting her out of the car Piran fell over in the mud. I picked him up, set him on his feet and dusted him off, slung Kate under my arm and held his hand.  There are no street lights where we live and Piran hates the dark without a torch. They were both weeping and wailing and it was suddenly very obvious that Kate had had a monster poo. We got into the house and I just dropped to the floor in the hallway, trying to cuddle Piran to stop him crying and deal with the poo explosion in Kate’s nappy (and clothes).

Then Mr C walked in.

I believe I practically shouted “Thank God for that”. I was frankly amazed that I managed that sentence without the F word.

Two hours and two large glasses of wine later I took some time to read through some blogs in my reader on my phone. I read Tara’s post and then took this picture. I think I look particularly fetching in my pyjama bottoms and striped top. I was just relived that I still had my wits about me and that I had survived the ordeal!




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