Six wonderful years

18 01 2012

It hardly feels like I have drawn breath since I wrote a post this time last year called Five Wonderful Years. But a whole year has past and today marks the six anniversary of the date that Mr C finally took me out for a drink.

Since last year three has become four, we have had very little sleep and we are both a year older (although it feels like a lot more). Last year was the hardest year of our lives but ultimately the most rewarding. Tomorrow night my mum has agreed to look after the children and we have one free night in a hotel in St Ives. Just the two of us. If we are lucky we will fit in dinner before getting 12 hours uninterrupted sleep!

No matter how tired we are, and how much we end up bickering we still love each other so very much. We rarely if ever fell out at all in the first few years together but with babies comes lack of sleep and with lack of sleep comes frayed nerves. We are learning every day how to be parents, and how our parenting style varies but as long as we keep talking and communicating and comprimising we will be just fine.

Mr C, I love you more now than I ever have before. Thank you for helping me create and raise two beautiful, amazing children. Thank you for talking to me and being my my side and supporting me through my postnatal depression. Thank you for being you.

Managing to smile through the chaos.



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