Review: MASH Jr Clothing

16 01 2012

Initial thoughts: We were sent some clothes from MASH clothing for Piran and Kate to review. Piran was sent this great outfit on the left, which comprised of a pair of jeans and a penguin long sleeved top. Kate was sent a long sleeved top and pair of leggings.

We liked: All items seem to be of a great quality and have washed well. The fabric that Kate’s items were made of is very soft and has a great stretch to it so fits really well and the items were easy to get on and off of her. Piran’s top is fun and unusual and the jeans are very soft.

We didn’t like: I didn’t get to choose items myself so I did feel that the decoration on Kate’s top was a bit too old for a six month old baby, it has a diamante design and I prefer clothes to be much more simple and childish I guess. Piran’s top is age 2 but it is a little short on him round the tummy area but I have a feeling this is quite typical of clothes on Piran.

Overall: Some lovely quality items that look like they will last. I think that these clothes would be towards the top end of my usual price range so I would probably be more inclined to buy them for Piran who wears clothes for a year or so than Kate who is still growing too quickly for anything too special.

Further information: MASH Junior, an Italian childrenswear brand offering beautifully designed, well-crafted clothes that are fun, yet practical and comfortable. MASH Junior is split into two lines – MASH Boy andMASH Kiss, for boys and girls respectively. The age range is 0 month to 16 years.MASH Jr will be launching in the UK market in SS 2012, so at present, for UK customers, the best way to get their hands on MASH Jr is via who ship internationally.




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