Make it Monday: Coasters

16 01 2012

The first family birthday of the year was is upon us already and I was really keen this year to try and make as much as possible. I decided that these make your own coasters would be a great idea for my stepmum’s birthday. This is one of those pins that doesn’t actually go anywhere but luckily the instructions are in the description. I also found these DIY: Coasters on Style me Pretty which had clearer instructions so I referred to this as well.

I had a quick google and as far as I could see Modge Podge could be made by watering down craft pva – half water, half glue so I made a little pot of my own. I picked up four sample tiles in Homebase and some wallpaper samples to use. My parents had just decorated their living room and have new curtains and sofa so I got my sister to text me pictures and chose something to match. You could use any type of paper though.

It was really simple. Layer of homemade modge podge, stick on pre-cut squares of paper, coat with more homemade modge podge. I did quite a number of coats and then left it to dry for 24 hours. I then did a few coats with an acrylic spray sealant, according to the instructions on the can. Finally I just stuck felt squares to the back of the tiles.

They look fantastic and have held up to initial water spillage and hot drinks tests. I wish that I had made some and used them for a few weeks but I wasn’t that organised so I will have to see how they hold up. I hope they last because I have been having great thoughts of larger tiles to be used as trivets for the dinner table. The possibilities are endless, and I will need some to match every room. A great way to simply tie in with your decor, especially if you use the same wallpaper.

Do let me know how you get on if you decide to give these a try and I would love to see any pictures if you make some.




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