Make it Monday: To Do Board

9 01 2012

This year I want to make a concerted effort to make some things I see on Pinterest and not just pin them! So I had an idea to combine two things that I had pinned.

The initial idea was this wipe off weekly menu board, I wanted something to have a to-do list on. I have a blackboard in the kitchen that I use for our meal plan and shopping list so I wanted something else for the hallway. I bought a cheap frame from Homebase this weekend but I didn’t have any pretty paper to use. Inspiration struck this morning and a quick rummage through my fabric stash came up with exactly what I wanted.

I ironed the fabric and then cut around an A4 piece of card, including an additional half an inch or so round all four sides.

I put a little pva glue around the edge of the card and folded over the excess fabric making sure that the front was flat and centered how I wanted it.

Then it was just a case of popping it into the frame, banging a picture hook into the wall in the hall and hanging it up.

I don’t have any dry wipe markers and I have been using this new system of a post it note to do list that works really well so I decided to combine the two! Another thing that I came across on Pinterest, I just love screwing up the ones that I have done.

I am hoping that the prominence of this in the hallway may encourage others *cough* Mr C *cough* to help me get those things done!

Both of these came from my Organisational Heaven pinterest board. You can follow me, and all my boards if you like!




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