Make it Monday: Happiness Jar

2 01 2012

 Happy New Year everyone. We had a quiet but lovely New Year’s Eve just me and Mr C. As I said in my last post we had a lovely meal, shared a bottle of wine and opened last year’s happiness jar. It was just so wonderful to go through all of the little things that had made me happy in the past six months (I only started last year’s jar in July when I saw the idea of Pinterest). We sat and reminisced about all the  amazing things that have happened to us recently (most of which I had forgotten already).

Honestly, this has to be the simplest Make It Monday ever.

Just get yourself a jar, put it somewhere that you can see it every day and whenever you feel happy write it down and put it in the jar. Simple. I keep little squares of blank paper in the jar and it sits on our dresser next to a jar of pens so writing something takes hardly any effort at all.

I am going to do exactly the same this year, although I may make the label a little prettier.

Then next New Year’s Eve spend some time with your family reading and reminiscing about what a wonderful happy year you have been blessed with.




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