The Happiness Jar

31 12 2011

I want to mark the end of this year somehow but whenever I have thought of writing a retrospective post, or something along those lines, I come up short.

This year was by far the hardest year of my life. It was filled with wonderful things, and our family grew, but we have not had the energy to enjoy it much. So much has happened that has been completely forgotten. Lack of sleep, pregnancy amnesia, the fact I have to think of four people all the time instead of just me all conspire against my memory.

Somewhere along the road though I realised that I was not paying enough attention to the little things. I was so wrapped up in looking after a family and myself and finding a way to deal with my PND that all the good things were slipping past unnoticed.

So I started my happiness jar at some point round the end of the summer. When I had the time and inclination I wrote on a slip of paper and dropped it in the jar.

Tonight, over a supper of tapas, and a 10 year old bottle of wine we were given as a wedding present over three years ago, we are going to open the jar.

I’m really rather excited.




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