Review: Fairy Princess Tent

20 12 2011
Castle in Piran’s bedroom!

Initial thoughts: We were sent a Fairy Princess Tent from Garden Games to review. As it is not really the best weather for playing outside we decided to put it up indoors for Piran to play in.

We liked: The tent is a hexagonal shape and a good size. Piran is able to stand up inside and it can take him going in and out and in and out! It is a wooden frame with a fabric cover which will be great for creating shade in the garden in the summer. It has three windows and a door with a fabric door and curtains that can be rolled up or left down. It was big enough for Piran and I and a large number of stuffed animals and books and cushions to hang out in. It is definitely bigger than it looked on the website.
We didn’t like: One plastic connector was missing from the box when I first tried to put it together. I contacted the company and this was sent out to us immediately. The instructions say that it should take one adult around 15 minutes to put together and all you need is a phillips screwdriver. Well I can put it together in that time but you are meant to add a screw every time you put a wooden pole in a plastic connector. I only did one and stopped. It was hard to screw in and doing them all would have taken ages and I realised that once I did that I would have a large wooden frame that I would have to store. In the end I put it together without the screws and it was my opinion that once the cover was on that was sufficent for indoor use. I would suggest you make up your own mind on that though.
Overall: This will be great fun for Kate and Piran to play with in the summer in the garden. It can be left outside as it is waterproof although they do not suggest you do so for long periods of time. It has a fantastic flag on the top and seems to me to be an item that will last for many years. We had it up in Piran’s room and I would put it up inside again on a rainy day to keep him amused.
Further information: The Fairy Princess Tent from Garden Games costs £79.99, please see their website for further details.
Disclosure: We were sent the Fairy Princess Tent free of charge for the purpose of this review.



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