Review: Peekaboo Barn iPad App

13 12 2011

Whether I like it or not Piran is a huge fan of my iPad and has quickly mastered how to use it. I limit the use of it but have to admit it is great if I need a few minutes peace and quiet. So when we were offered an iPad app to review I quickly said yes.

Santa having a quiet five minutes

The first was Peekaboo Barn. There is a picture of a barn and then you hear an animal noise. Have a guess which animal it is and then touch the barn and the door opens to reveal the animal. The animal’s name appears and a child’s voice lets you know what it is. The graphics are fun and bright and there are a range of animals. Some of the names are Americanised (like Rooster) but I don’t think that is a problem. Piran really loves this app and I do too. My favourite part is the fact that you can record your voice reading the names of the animals and have that instead. Or at least it was until we used the app today and the barn was covered in snow and decorated for Christmas with the animals all dressed up. Brilliant. Peekaboo Barn is available in the App Store for £1.49.

We were also sent Counting with the Hungry Caterpillar (£1.99) and Go Away, Big Green Monster (£1.99). Both based on classic children’s books. Piran loves the Hungry Caterpillar app, even though he can only manage the first stage (there are five) and I think that this will last him a long time. I think it will help with learning counting but would be best used with me there so that I can help and guide his learning. I love the Big Green Monster, especially in the song mode but you can read it yourself or have it read to you. Each part of the monster’s face is interactive and the whole app is just great fun.

Disclosure: We were sent the codes to redeem these three iPad apps free of charge for the purpose of this review.




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