Make it Monday: Advent Calendar Part 2 (and other Christmas crafty bits)

12 12 2011

So when we left the thrilling tale of my homemade advent calendar *ahem* I needed to embroider on the numbers.

I fell ill and so this was quite easily completed as I lay around in bed watching TV and making Mr C bring me specific food and drink items convalesced. Then I needed to just put everything together.

 After a lot of pinning and measuring and moving I finally got all of the pockets spaced evenly out the way I wanted them. The next step was to sew each on in place around three sides. Once this was done I cut a piece of calico the same size and after placing the two pieces of material right sides together and adding in three ribbon loops at the top I sewed all round the edge, making sure that I left a gap at the bottom for turning.

I trimmed the seams and clipped the corners and then turned it right sides out. A quick press with the iron and then I topstitched all around the edge, which closed up the hole at the bottom.

I am really happy with the way that it turned out and that I managed to finish it before the start of December. Piran loves going to see what is in it each morning. I want to make a patch to sew on the back with my name and the date but I will just do that before it gets put away this year.

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I have been making some other decorations too. I just love these 3D snowflakes that I discovered on M is for Make. I made five and hung them using invisible thread from my bedroom ceiling. I love just lying in bed and watching them move gently. So calming.

I made a wreath for the front door with ivy, dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks. Sadly last night it was blown off the front door and into the garden and the rain rehydrated the orange slices. They took me ages to do, so annoying! It is holding on in there but it looks a bit sorry for itself.

I am also a little obsessed with making paper snowflakes. I have found some great posts via Pinterest that show you how to make certain patterns. You can see those and more on my Festive board. Now I know how to fold the paper mine are turning out great.

I am not making too many presents this year but I was brave and used this tutorial to make a couple of skirts for my two nieces. They aren’t perfect and I don’t know if they will like them but I am proud of myself for trying something new. Excuse the bad photos, I have put my camera somewhere safe so everything is on my phone. I was also in a rush to get these wrapped and posted.



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