1 12 2011

Today the noise has been incessant, with one or both children whining of crying at all times.
Today has been disagreement after disagreement.
Today has been constantly telling Piran not to do this, or not to do that.
Today my parenting style was mostly hypocritical.
Today was a day of bribery and the currency has been biscuits.
Today has been back to back episodes of TV shows just for a five minute break.
Today was a hamster wheel day of meals that were not eaten and food picked off the floor.
Today was empty and lonely even though I spent it with friends.
Today has been feeling every last minute of the seven months of sleep deprivation.
Today my voice has been sterner and louder than it should have been.
Today was filled with irrational thoughts and overreactions.
Today I felt like the whole world was against me.
Today I moved constantly and still got nothing done.
Today my body hurts and my brain refuses to work.
Today a stained sink seemed to represent everything that felt wrong with my life.
Today was far too introspective which is never good.
Today there have been very few smiles, and far too many tears.
Today there was a synchronised poo moment that made me wonder what I had done to deserve this.
Today was a battle of wills where every victory just wore me down further.
Today has been feeling a failure at everything that I do.
Today has been chaos.
Today cannot end soon enough.




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