The Gallery: Something I am proud of

23 11 2011

This rather dodgy collage may seem like an odd thing to be proud of. It is not the collage itself but what it represents.

Today was our last session of our Postnatal Depression support group. We were asked to make a picture or write something that showed our journey over the past ten weeks. This was mine. It may seem a bit odd but in essence on the left is me having a baby and already being a mum to a toddler. That I was shaken to my core with how I felt afterwards. That I wanted some treatment.

Then I went to group and was made to feel welcome.

On the right hand side I picked words that describe what my life is starting to be like, and how I want our life to be.

At the bottom is my new mantra. Thank you to Emily for sharing this with me recently. The words have been firmly stuck in my head since I heard them and I think it sums up my new frame of mind perfectly.

I am proud of myself. I am proud of the other women on my course. I am proud of the way we opened up and supported each other. I am proud that I plucked up the courage and went on the first day. I am proud that even though Kate had a complete meltdown in our first session I still went back. I am proud that I went along with an open mind and heart. I have learnt so much about myself. I can see how lost I was back then, and how far I have come. I am proud that I have been able to acknowledge that something was wrong, that I needed help and that I sought the help I needed. I am proud that I have felt able to write about my experience here, and I hope that this might make others feel less alone.

I am proud that I have seen this course through to the end and taken the messages and techniques away and applied them to my life so we can all move on from this difficult time and start to enjoy our life as a family of four.




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