Make it Monday: Advent Calendar Part 1

21 11 2011

The hardest thing about being so tired is not having the energy once the day is done and the kids in bed to do the things that I really want to do. Sewing takes braincells and if I am tired I make mistakes.

So progress on the advent calendar is slower than I would like but a deadline is a deadline so I am making time to do it bit by bit.

I am backing it with my fantastic reindeer fabric so I measured what I had an worked out what size the pockets needed to be to get six rows of four and then cut them out allowing for a 1cm seam around the two sides and bottom and 2cm at the top so I could fold it over twice for a neater edge. My pockets are 9cm square so I cut my material 11cm x 12cm. I cut out 24 pieces from 6 different materials.

I then emellished them slightly using bit of ribbon and the other fabrics so each one is different.

Last night I hemmed all of them.

Then I played around with the arrangement.

Afterward I lay them on the fabric and switched a couple around to make it more balanced. After some deliberation I finally settled on the layout and then used numbered stickers to mark where each of them belongs.

The next step is to embroider the numbers onto each. It is a simple enough thing to do in front of the TV so hopefully I will get them done this week. Piran being ill and staying home today didn’t help much!

I am really pleased with how it is looking so far. I need to get on and get it done as I have bought the things to go in it!

Also I finally finished my tunic top! I am really pleased with it. Not the best photo mind you!




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