Blog Camp Brighton: October 2011

15 11 2011

Back at the start of October Kate and I went along to the Photography Blog Camp in Brighton put on by the Tots 100 and Photobox. It was a really interesting morning and I loved getting the chance to spend a little time with some of my favourite bloggers and pick up some tips on photography. It is something that I would love to have the time to learn properly, we have a digital SLR but it is always on automatic.

My favourite speaker was Ghene Snowdon (WARNING: clicking on this link may affect you in strange ways. Lots of very cute baby pictures. You know the sort, with them just wearing hats that make you want to have another baby RIGHT NOW!) who gave some great tips about lighting and framing. I was also impressed with the editing tips from Paul Sanders and I have been trying to use these as much as I can. The picture of mum from yesterday’s post was taken the same day that I attended the Blogcamp session and I definitely feel that it benefited from some quick editing.

These pictures below were taken by Ghene at the end of the session. It was amazing to see how she can edit them directly in her camera and she kindly sent them through to me recently and I just had to share them with you. Even though Kate was not a particularly willing model and was only happy in my arms she still got two great shots that I love. The first one in particular.

Thanks once again to the Tots100 for such a fantastic free event. I would highly recommend that you register and try and attend any in your area.




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