Make it Monday: Burp Cloths

7 11 2011

I am very excited about two things. One that Make it Monday is back, and two that I have a new nephew. Unfortuately he is in Cornwall and I am here but I will meet him after Christmas. For now though I am doing my bit from afar, packing up boxes of Piran’s old clothes and sending them off, and making a little special present just for him.

So I thought I would share it with you all. It is a great little present for someone with a new baby and very easy to make, so a perfect beginners sewing project. Please note, my sewing is generally a bit wonky, and I am rubbish at sewing round corners, but I think that adds to the homemade appeal (at least that is what I tell myself).

I make these often so I have a template (just made out of paper but card would be better). It was an 8.5inch long by 8inch high rectangle with the two right hand corners rounded off (I used the corner of a side plate to do that).

I am using white flannel for the backing (one of Kate’s old crib sheets) and a fat quarter of cotton quilting material for the front. Both fabrics have been washed and dried first. Lay the left hand side against a fold in your fabric, so when you cut it out you will have a piece that is twice the size as the template. I am making two burp cloths (as that is what I get from a fat quarter) so I did this twice on both pieces of material. Cut them out.

Place the front and back together, right sides facing and pin together.

I also use pins to mark my start and finish sewing points. You need to leave a 2 inch minimum gap so that you can turn it right sides out after sewing.

Sew all the way around the edge with a 3/8th inch seam. Remember to leave the gap!

Clip the corners to make it easier to turn them out.

Turn right sides out. Ensure that the corners are turned out fully and then press.

Topstitch a 1/4inch all the way around the edge, making sure that you catch the turned in seams of the gap so that everything is tidy.

All done!

These are so very useful and just a bit nicer than the usual muslin cloths. I made some for Kate and we have used them all the time. An added bonus is that they are small and light so a great present if you need to post a gift to someone.

§§§ §§§ §§§ §§§ §§§ §§§ §§§ §§§ §§§

Make it Monday is back, and just in time for the festive season. I am hoping that I will manage to post on a regular basis about what I have been making, sharing my progress and any tutorials, either my own or from other places on the internet. Please let me know in the comments if you would like to do a guest post.




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