6 11 2011

There is a part of me that has been sorely neglected over the past few months. Until I was pregnant with Piran I didn’t consider myself as a creative person but nesting bought out an urge in me to try sewing some things and to be honest I have never really looked back. It is not just sewing though, I taught myself how to crochet and I am currently working on a cross stitch. I finally have a home that I can decorate and make my own. I love to cook and bake and craft and create.

But babies (and a toddler) are not conducive to spending time doing such things and by the time they are both in bed I am too tired to do anything other than collapse on the sofa, watch something on Sky+ and go to bed by 9pm. This lack of quality me time is frustrating. I am lucky, Kate goes to sleep by 5pm but Piran is up until 7. Once they are in bed we eat and clear up and make the bottles for the next day. If I want to sew I have to use the dining table, which is in the front room (I was turfed out of my sewing room by Kate, apparently she needed a bedroom. Cheek!) To do this I have to get everything out and put everything away when I am finished because small people get up early and grab sharp needles and scissors and everything else I don’t want them too.

And then there is Pinterest. Have you discovered this yet? I do love it. You can follow me here. It sparks my creativity and I have cleared out all of my long forgotten bookmarks and pinned them onto boards and now I can sit and look at them whenever I like. But, like most people I am sure I pin and pin and pin and very rarely make anything. All that pinning takes up time you know.

But all of these things are excuses. I do have a bit more energy and I know that if I find the time and make the effort I enjoy making things so much. Especially if they are for special people. So, I have decided to revive Make it Monday (a series of posts that I used to write). I have even made myself a shiny new badge.

I am not going to put pressure on myself to do something every week but I do want to keep a record of what I make, and share how I make it. In the past I wrote a lot of the posts as tutorials but this time I am hoping that I will also make things that I have pinned and then share my efforts with you all, as well as recording how I got on with projects that were inspired by things I saw on Pinterest. I think that doing this will be good for me. I know that there are lots of lovely people in my life who will enjoy the benefits and I will have fun being creative again.

If anyone would like to do a guest post please let me know in the comments below.




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