Two and a quarter

1 11 2011

Dear Piran,

Today I watched you playing with your toys in your room, handing out play food to all of your teddies and I felt full to the brim with love for you. You amaze me and your Dad every single day.

You like singing and dancing. You like it when I sing you songs. Your favourite is Twinkle, twinkle little star and you try and sing along too. If your sister is crying you will sing to her too. Although you get your songs mixed up and sing “Winkle, winkle, to the top of the hill, ALL DAY LONG”. It is completely wonderful.

You now know when you are tired and you can ask to go to bed. You don’t do it very often though. After months of fitful sleeping and ending up in our bed, where we tried everything to work it out, we have finally managed to keep you in your cot at night for a whole seven days. We switched you into a bed for a while but that didn’t work at all so we went back to the cot. I miss you in the morning and cuddling up at night but as we still get up a lot for Kate this is the best thing.
You are an affectionate and cuddly boy with a smile and a hello for everyone. You often ask for cuddles and we are happy to oblige. I ask for a kiss and you say no, but you will always kiss your sister. You love to hug her and talk to her and you always want to know where she is or what she is doing. Soon she will be with you at nursery and Nanny’s too, we will see how you feel about that!

Over the last few months I have seen you come out of your shell a bit. Your confidence is growing and you are not as cautious as you once were which is great to see. You talk constantly, always asking questions. The occasional ‘Why?’ is creeping in but the one you ask over and over and over is “What you doing?” ALL THE TIME. If I don’t answer you ask again. If I do answer you ask again. Over the past month your speech has exploded and we can now have conversations with you, and you can tell us what you have done that day or recount memories from another day. It is amazing.

You love to be outside. You love your Nanny and Grandad and Aunty Ali. You have spent quite a lot of time with your Grandma over the past three months which you have really enjoyed. She will do anything you want her to, including staying at the park for hours. You love to walk but do so at a very slow toddler pace. We don’t get many opportunities to spend time just the two of us but when we do there is nothing that I love more than wandering along at your pace seeing the world in the way you do.

Thank you for your smiles and laughter. I have been quiet and tired and a little sad recently but you really do make my life a happier place. Some days you can be difficult but it is usually when you are tired or hungry or bored. Most things can be solved with a biscuit. You are very well behaved in public, and people always comment on it. I am happy to take you anywhere.
My love for you grows each day, and I love you…
All Day LONG. 
Love Mum x



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