Absolutely nothing of substance at all (but a nice picture at the end)

17 09 2011

I am in that state of mind where all day every day my brain starts writing blog posts and I mull over them until I fall asleep and then they are gone in the morning. It is frustrating and because then the pattern repeats itself on that day and the next and the next I am feeling completely confused and unable to write anything coherent.

As that paragraph proves.

Anyway, I decided today that it would be a good idea to just write something. To just start putting some words on the page and see where I end up. At least I will feel better for writing something.

I know, I think I will write a list of things that I could (and might) blog about. A good reminder for me and perhaps I will end up with a slightly emptier brain.

– Our holiday in Cornwall
– How it felt to come home, and how I have managed since
– My trip to hospital and how I am feeling about the whole situation
– My Twitter pep squad
– The baby group that I went to that was the wrong one
– The Postnatal Depression support group that I went to which was definitely the right one
– Guilt
– Decisions about returning to work
– How I felt after a child free day on Friday
– The things that have made me happy
– My happiness jar
– My Stickygram magnets
– Going out on Friday night
– Kate’s room, the beginning
– Kate’s room, progress report
– How I am feeling in general

Anyway, lots of that would be very dull I reckon but there are definitely a couple of posts in there that I will write when I have the time and head space. Tonight I am exhausted and I have Doctor Who and Torchwood to watch so I am going to curl up on the sofa and try to stay awake! I will leave you with a picture of Piran and my mum on the beach in Cornwall, building his very first sandcastle.




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