Little moments

9 09 2011

Wow, children change and grow every day at Piran’s age don’t they? He amazes me every day, or does things that make me laugh and I want to remember these things so much because I’m scared that when the PND goes away and the dust settles my memories will have faded.

So, here are a few of those moments from the past few weeks.

When we were staying at Mum’s he was playing with his cars and Kate was laying in the baby gym. I was out of the room and heard her start crying so came back. Just as I came through the door I heard him say “Oh alright then”, and he sat down next to her and started saying “shhh shhh shhh”.

I can understand most of what he says to me these days but on the occasions that I tell him I didn’t understand he gets a fierce look of concentration on his face and then he tries again.

He picked up the Jellycat Zebra Kate had been playing with and shouted “Horsie”. He then proceeded to put it between his legs and cantered off. It is tiny, he looked hilarious.

Yesterday after Paul left him with his Nanny to come and collect me from the hospital he was waiting on the doorstep when I got back. He looked at me and said “Where’s the baby?” It took me a while to realise he thought that because I’d been back to the hospital I would be bringing home another new baby!

He just loves to cuddle and kiss Kate and is always asking where ‘Bubby’ is. I tried to teach him to blow raspberries on her tummy, he thought it was the funniest thing.




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