My little limpet

3 09 2011

I am at the end of an extended holiday in Cornwall. We had Piran and Kate Christened last week and I have spent a lot of time with family and friends.

I am not doing so well though. It is all so overwhelming that I havent even been able to begin to blog about what has been going on. It still is but I feel like I have to try to get some of it out if only to give myself a little thinking space. I want (and need) to write about me, and Kate but today I will just start with Piran.

Over the past two months my bright, happy, friendly, smiley boy has changed. He has always been cautious in different situations but he just seems to be getting worse and worse. He wants me all the time. No one else will do. If I am unable to cuddle him as soon as he asks he starts to cry and hang off my legs. He is afraid of everyone and everything. If I am holding Kate he tells me to put her down and pick him up instead (I always say no to that). At night he wants to sleep with me. My arm hurt for two days after the Christening from carrying him so much.

All of this makes being at home difficult and being out and about impossible unless I am visiting a friend or going somewhere who can take the baby for me while I deal with Piran. If he is out of the buggy he wants to hold my hand all of the time but I cannot steer the Phil and Teds with one hand so that doesnt work.

I just do not know what to do about this. I hope that this is a phase and any suggestions on how to deal with it would be gratefully receieved. I do not know what started this, although life has changed a lot for him since Kate arrived. Two nights ago was the worst. He was sleeping in my bed and Kate woke for a feed. I needed to go and make her bottle but he would not let me leave, screaming and shouting. In the end the combination of them both crying got my mum out of bed and she waited with him. You would have thought that I was leaving forever. In the three minutes I was gone my mum had to physically restrain him and he was in such a state when I got back it took 20 minutes to calm him down. Mum fed the baby but what will happen when we are home and Mr C goes away on business?

So those are my worries on the Piran front. Kate and I deserve posts of our own (because we are worth it!) He is still my gorgeous boy though.




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