Postcards from Cornwall

19 08 2011

I am blatantly stealing the idea for this post from Laura at Are we nearly there yet Mummy? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, no?

Dear Daddy,

We are having a lovely time in Cornwall. Gaga is great fun and she took me to the park to play in the sandpit. Luckily Auntie A came too and noticed the rabbit droppings before I could mistake them for a snack.

This afternoon we went to the woods and saw some ducks and squirrels. I shared my raisins with them and Mummy and Aunty A had a discussion about who would win in a fight. Mummy said her money was on the duck.

We stopped for tea and cake and I tried to eat a piece of flapjack the size of my head. Sorry I didn’t want to talk to you on Skype, Gaga has a slide on her front lawn which was more fun.

Wish you were here,

Piran x

Dear Daddy

Woke up, ate, slept, pooped, got dressed, ate, slept, went for a walk, ate, threw up, ate, slept.

Wish you were here,

Kate x




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