Review: Canvas Dezign

9 08 2011

Our house is covered with photographs of Piran, from acrylic pictures of him swimming underwater to professional shots and even a painting my dad did of him as a baby. But as is the way with second babies I have not yet managed to even print one of Kate so when I was contacted by Canvas Dezign asking if I would like to review one of their canvases I jumped at the chance.

I picked the picture above from my Baby’s got blue eyes post and sent it off asking for a particular size canvas. They contacted me again to inform me that the picture was better suited to a 18×12 canvas. This is a bespoke size canvas and would have cost £20.30.

A parcel arrived the next day. I was so excited opening it and it turned out that they had made me not one but two versions of my picture! One in the original colours and a second one in black and white but with the eyes left a beautiful blue colour. They are both wonderful and we can’t decide which one we prefer. I love the colour version but Mr C prefers the black and white.

I have spent a while looking around the Canvas Dezign website and I am really impressed. There are loads of different options, including texting photos from your phone to create canvases or even just to store them. You can create acrylic prints as well as canvases from old photographs which I think is a fantastic idea. The website is simple and easy to use with really comprehensive help sections. Delivery is £9 which is quite expensive but that is per order not per canvas and it is a next delivery service.

I am very impressed with the canvases we received and I am already planning on trying to get a great photo of Piran and Kate together for the grandparent’s Christmas gifts this year.

So, which do you prefer? Do let me know in the comments.




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