Review: Fisher Price Precious Planet™ Blue Sky™ SpaceSaver Swing & Seat

2 08 2011

Initial thoughts: When Kate was just a couple of weeks old it became apparent that she was a baby that liked to cry a lot! The only thing we found that could help soothe her in the afternoons and evenings was constant motion and after a while we were exhausted and so when Fisher Price asked if I would like to review a product for Kate I was practically begging them for some type of swing.

We liked: I like the lovely bright colours and the animal design. It can be used as a swing or clipped to the frame so it is a static chair. There are five speeds, a vibrate setting and music that isn’t too annoying. You seem to like swinging in it and will have at least one nap a day in it so it gets the big thumbs up from me.

We didn’t like: I find the catch to stop the chair a bit fiddly. It also states that the vibrate mode shouldn’t work when the chair is swinging but it seems to. These two things aren’t a problem though. The one thing I would have liked is a way of folding it up a bit so that it can be tucked away in the evening. It is an expensive item with a RRP of £84.99 but it is available at Amazon for £53.58 at the moment.

Overall: This swing didn’t solve all our crying problems but it has definitely had a positive impact on our lives with a newborn and that means I would recommend it to anyone. It is a well-built swing from a trusted brand and we really love it.

Further information: Full details of the Fisher Price Precious Planet™ Blue Sky™ SpaceSaver Swing and Seat  can be found on the Fisher Price Website.




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