1 08 2011

Dear Piran, 

Today you are two whole years old. You are no longer a baby, although I still call you my baby. You are a walking, talking, smiling, jumping, laughing, shouting, wriggling, giggling little boy.

The past three months are a little bit of a blur I am afraid, life has been totally chaotic. I am trying to think what is different about you now but it is hard. My brain isn’t very good at the moment it seems.

So let me see. You love toast. You ask for it ten times a day, more than biscuits. Not more than cake though. Since yesterday, when you blew out candles on a cake for the first time, every time you say the word cake you also blow. It is very cute. You feed yourself and eat lots of different foods. You love salmon, fishcakes, fishfingers, carrots, toast, ham, rice pudding and bananas. You will only drink water and milk, you demand ‘MULK’ immediately upon waking and when you finish your cup at bedtime you immediately say “Na-night” and go to bed.

You love water, swimming and the bath. You hate having your nappy changed and getting undressed or dressed. You can scream very loud. If you don’t like something you tell us “Don’t like it”. This can apply to noises, toys, TV programmes and food or drink. You like TV and ask for “Beebies” but you are never that bothered if I say no. You ask me to read you books but you just want to turn the pages, you never listen to the story, unless you are drinking milk.

You moved up to the main nursery today. You have a peg with your picture on it now. I am very proud of you. You will cry and cling on almost every time we leave you there but apparently as soon as the door is closed you are fine. Just giving us a hard time then!

You still nap during the day. At the moment you wake every night at some point and come into our bed. You are just so loud and insistent and your Dad and I are very tired at the moment so it is the easiest thing to do. I don’t like it so much when you are kicking me in the head though. I do like walking up next to you though; sometimes I get a lovely cuddle, just before your cries of “MULK”. You like a lot of cuddles these days and lift your arms and say “cuddle” at the slightest upset. You love your Daddy so much and ask for him twenty times a day when he is at work. You never stop talking unless we go somewhere new or different and you are shy. Then it is blissfully quiet.

You go to nursery a day and a half a week and spend another day and a half with Nanny and Grandad. They take you on buses and trains and to the airport to watch the planes. They take you to the zoo and ride with you on the Thomas Train. Your other Grandparents have all been to stay in the past three months and you loved every moment of it, having people of boss around that will play with you all day is brilliant.

The biggest thing that has happened in the last three months however is the fact that you are now a big brother. Your baby sister Kate (or Bubby as you call her) has come into our lives and changed everything. The good news is that I am no longer massive and can run and chase and lift and cuddle you again. That is brilliant. When the baby came along you were so good. You would tell us to be quiet if she was sleeping. You loved to look into her carry cot and shout “Hello” at her head. You like to help look after her, you tell me when she starts to cry that she needs milk and her bum-bum changing. You bring her dummy and toys. She cries a lot but you don’t let it bother you. You just go on playing with your cars or train while she screams next to you. More recently you have started asking for a cuddle when you see me holding her, perhaps you are a little jealous but we take it in turns and you are fine. She is the first thing you ask for in the morning, like you just want to make sure she is still there.

You love to jump and be silly. You have a great laugh and win millions over with your smile. You have a whiny tone of voice that you use some days that cuts straight through me and drives me completely demented. If you are tired you can kick and hit out. You try to throw big screaming tantrums but if we ignore you completely they are soon over.

If I think about the past three months the word that your Dad and I have used a lot is proud. We are proud of the little boy we have raised so far; you are very well behaved when we are out (much better than at home). You say please and thank you. You have been so good with your sister. I can see that you love her and she watches you so intently. You are kind and gentle. We see you learn and grow every day and it is amazing. You fill our hearts with love and with pride and we are so very lucky to have spent the past two years with you.

Love Mum x




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