From the archives: The Return of Dippy Mother

21 07 2011

There are posts in my archives that mean a lot to me that may not have been seen by quite a few of my readers. So, for a short while, during these crazy new baby days when I don’t have the time to blog as much as I would need or like I thought that I would share some posts from the past, in a ‘From the archives’ series. As much for my own enjoyment as well as, I hope, yours.

I love my mum. She’s just the right amount of crazy that always makes me laugh and everybody loves her. She has been phoning me every day this week which has been really special, always finding a reason to call. Wednesday’s reason was to inform me that I have to listen to The Archers while she is in France and take notes of the salient points so that I can report back on her return. Apparently there is a nail biting storyline about E-Coli and Ice Cream at the moment which she just cannot miss.

Anyway, it reminded me of some of the posts that I used to write on my first blog. I called her Dippy Mother (I am not sure if that would offend her or not. Hmm) and I was Dancinfairy back then. This post was from February 2006. I had started seeing Mr C in January and so he was a new boyfriend back then. How things have changed.

It’s been a while since my last Dippy Mother post. So after a particularly funny phone conversation with her this afternoon I have these gems to share.

DM: I watched those Brit Awards last night. Thought I would try and be a bit modern.
Fairy: Oh, right.
DM: I didn’t like any of the music.

On the subject of boyfriend:

DM: So tell me about him.
Fairy: What?
DM: How tall is he?
Fairy: About the same height as Brother.
DM: Skinny?
Fairy: About the same build as Brother.
DM: Does he look like him then?
Fairy: Eugh, NO!
DM: Does he wear glasses?
Fairy: Yes.
DM: I knew it!
Fairy: How?
DM: Does he drive a car?
Fairy: Yes
DM: Oh good. I just had a feeling about the glasses.

Later on:

Fairy: So we might come and visit at Easter.
DM: Oh no.
Fairy: Why not?
DM: Well he sounds really nice. You don’t want to scare him off. Have you told him about your dysfunctional family?

And finally:

DM: Does he like music?
Fairy: Um..yes?
DM: Good because anyone that goes with you should like music because you do.

I swear it is no wonder I am the way that I am.




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