Warning! Aimless post.

30 06 2011

My Dad is coming to stay this weekend. I’m really looking forward to it, because he hasn’t met Kate yet, and the last time he saw Piran was 6 months ago and he has changed so much since then. However, suddenly I have realised that tomorrow is Friday already.

The weeks seem to disappear in a puff of smoke these days. Yet again I find myself at bedtime on Thursday. I have forgotten to make Piran a dinner for nursery again, which makes me so mad at myself. I have a million things to do before my dad and stepmum arrive at 8 tomorrow night. I have no idea when I will get anything done. Piran has a sponsored toddle at nursery tomorrow so that is two hours I’ll be busy in the middle of the day as I have to stay with him. I need to get to the shops too, and feed Kate when required. If she doesn’t nap when I’m home in the afternoon I’ll be screwed!

I’m exhausted this week. Things have been a little better (I hate to say it in case I jinx it). But somehow I feel more tired than before. Sleep can really muck you up you know.

Oh I should be asleep but I’m tapping this out on my phone first. It’s one of those posts that has absolutely no point, instead just aimlessly wanders about until it drifts off completely. Sorry about that.

Goodnight. I dong suppose I will find blogging time over the next few days but I’ll be back soon!




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