The Gallery: My Weekend

29 06 2011

After being away in London for the weekend away from my home and my family I was so happy to just come back here and just be. Our garden is a quiet and wonderful place to be, and I felt it restore a sense of peace within me.

At the beginning of this year I told Mr C that there would be no vegetables this year as it takes a lot of his free time and I knew that would be in short supply with a newborn this summer. Okay, he said, just flowers.

I found it hard to take pictures that really capture it properly. It is a flowery jungle out there. One Hollyhock is as tall as an upstairs window!

This is all the hard work of my wonderful husband.

He sneaked in some fruit, because that isn’t vegetables, right?

Oh wait. I think I spy some vegetables.

But in all seriousness, when we moved to this house four years ago Mr C had never gardened before and it was the most bizarre garden ever. Completely overgrown and a real mess. Bit by bit he cleared it and dug it and added borders and beds and plants. He has green fingers and can grow almost anything. He has discovered a real love for it and it makes him so happy, and that makes me happy.

This weekend I came home and wandered around in the afternoon sun, watching Piran play and explore and just enjoying being there at that moment.

And I took the time to stop and look and discover some wonderful little things.

The perfect end to a very hectic weekend.




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