From the archives: Tomorrow

18 06 2011

I was thinking today about blogging. About why I do it, how I do it, what it means to me. My blogging journey has been quite a long one, I started my first blog in July 2005, and moved over to this one in July 2007. It was just me wittering away to practically no one until I went on maternity leave two years ago and discovered British Mummy Bloggers (as it was then) and Twitter and well, here we are.

There are posts in my archives that mean a lot to me that may not have been seen by quite a few of my readers. So, for a short while, during these crazy new baby days when I don’t have the time to blog as much as I would need or like I thought that I would share some posts from the past, in a ‘From the archives’ series. As much for my own enjoyment as well as, I hope, yours.

To start us off, and because CyberMummy is only a week away I give you my post from the day after CyberMummy 2010, a year ago.

In the past day I started so many blog posts in my head. I do it normally but yesterday was such a whirlwind, such an amazing day that made me feel so many emotions all at once that even more than usual I wanted to record and remember the day. But I didn’t write any of those posts down, choosing to stay in the present and be there and fully experience every moment. And now that leaves me on a train, with a suitcase bulging at the seams with goodies, a slight hangover and a desperate need to try and capture the fading memories of one of the greatest experiences of my life. To be there, at the beginning of CyberMummy (I am sure this is just the beginning) was amazing. To meet and hug these women that have been there for me over the past 13 months as I went from just a blogger to a blogger with a baby was too special for words.

To stand at the front of the crowd and read one of my blog posts was scary, thrilling and highly emotional (I cried! My mum would shake her head at that). What an honour to be chosen to stand on that stage with those people. Sandy, Carol, Jen (amongst others) these women that take my breath away with their beauty and honesty and words whenever I read their blogs. To hear those posts read as they were written, to feel the emotion and to see the room moved to tears and laughter was incredible. It was my favourite part of the day, despite my own nerves and streaked make up.

I got a bit drunk afterward, in the hotel bar with a group of the funniest, best people I could ever wish to meet. I sloped off at midnight, after taking a few photographs, when the tequila shots were being handed out. Thankfully these days I know my limits. I went to my room, drank water, brushed my teeth and then lay on the bed every nerve fizzing in my body, words and memories, adrenaline and experience keeping me from sleep for a good hour.

I tweeted all day and some of the night (check out my stream to see the evidence) and woke up this morning with my brain thinking in hashtags, #cybermummyhangover #whereisthebacon #howcanjosiebesoawakeandbubblyatthistimeofthemorning

All too soon tomorrow is here, and I am on my way home. It was fun to be me for 2 days but I miss my boys and want a Piran cuddle more than anything in this world. All too soon tomorrow will be here again, and I will have to leave him to go back to work after 13 months of maternity leave. It’s only 2 days a week but that is a whole other post, so I will go now, to live in the present for a while. I’ll be back soon.

Update: Gosh, I am such a scatterbrain these days. I would just like to add a HUGE thank you to Huggies for paying for my ticket and for arranging a breakfast on Saturday morning so all the Huggies mums would have friendly faces to arrive with. You are all fabulous, and I love working with you.




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