CyberMummy Meet & Greet

12 06 2011

Carly over at MummysShoes is running a CyberMummy meet and greet again this year. So, if you are going then please come and say hello if you see me. I will be the one pushing a bright orange Stokke Xplory containing a cute baby girl and looking like I haven’t slept for the past seven weeks*.

Name: Kelly

Blog: A place of my own

Twitter ID: @Kellyfairy

Height: 5 foot 3 inches (when I was 20, I may have shrunk by now!)

Hair: Annoying. Mousy brown, no style at all at the moment as I am growing it out.

Eyes: Brown

Likes: I love the summer but can’t cope with the sun (too hot!). My favourite things in the whole world are my husband, my toddler boy, my baby girl, my friends, my family, penguins, singing loudly alone in the car, and Cornwall.

Dislikes: I don’t like people who think the world owes them something, my fears and celery.

Do leave me a comment telling me if you are going to be there so I know who to look out for and say hello to.

*This is because I haven’t!




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