Review: Morrck Splasha

7 06 2011

Initial thoughts: When we were offered one of these towelling wraps to review I said yes as we take Piran swimming every week and I hoped it would come in handy. When it arrived it looked great and Piran was keen to try it on right away.

We liked: Everything! The Splasha is so useful and just perfect for keeping Piran warm when he gets out of the swimming pool. It has poppers that fasten to keep the towel in place on the shoulder which is great for wriggly toddlers, and there are more down the sides if you want to keep it on for longer – perhaps around the pool on holiday or at the beach. It washes well and dries quickly.

We didn’t like: Initially I thought that £19.95 was a lot for this item but as they come in sizes that last two years I think that we would get our money’s worth from it.My only other issue is the limited options – blue stripe or pink spots, I prefer to be able to buy more gender neutral items.

Overall: I think that we will get a lot of use out of this towel, and the size options are great (1-3, 3-5, 5-7 years). I would love to see more colour choices in the future.

Further information: Check out the Morrck website for more information on the Splasha, and their other products (I am liking the look of the Baby Hoodies!). You can also see their facebook page for details of special offers.

Disclosure: We were sent a Splasha free of charge for the purposes of this review.




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