Review: Fisher Price Easy Clean Highchair

6 06 2011

Initial thoughts: The highchair seemed quite large to me but we have only had wooden highchairs that go up at the table before so this was a change for us. I was interested in the highchair as the information we were sent said that it is suitable as a seat for newborns as well as a highchair which appealed to me as somewhere for Kate to sit while we ate dinner.

We liked: I love the bright colourful jungle theme that continues through a number of Fisher Price products. The chair itself is sturdy and well built and I would be more than happy that even the wriggliest toddler would be safe. There are height and recline options which means the seat can be adjusted to suit the purpose you require, including removing the tray and having the child sit up at the table with you. It is easy to clean and there are no crevices for food to get stuck in. If you are lucky enough to have a dishwasher the tray can go in to make cleaning even easier.

We didn’t like: I didn’t feel that the seat was really suitable for a newborn or small baby. It did recline but not far enough for me to feel that the baby was safe. The seat is also easy clean plastic which I did not think would be very comfortable for small babies. There is also a large piece of plastic that goes between their legs which was too big for a newborn. You could fold the seat legs round for storage but I found it quite hard to do. I am not a fan of plastic straps but they are certainly very easy to clean.

Overall: I think that this would be a great highchair when weaning starts and the baby is able to sit up comfortably. It would have been really good for us when we were weaning Piran as baby led weaning can be very messy. It is strong and sturdy and the quality that I would have expected from a company such as Fisher Price.

Further information: Click here for further information

Disclosure: We were sent a Fisher Price Easy Clean Highchair free of charge for the purpose of this review.




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