Groundhog day (and Interflora review)

6 06 2011

Life with a new baby is by its very nature repetitive with three hourly feeds and the cycle of feed, burp, change, settle but this time I am very conscious of the fact that I seem to say the same things over and over all day long.

What time is it?
Is she asleep?
Did you change her?
What do you want to do tonight?
Where is Piran?
Shhh, shhh, shhh, shhh.
We do not stand on the furniture Piran.
Who’s pooed?
No you cannot have a biscuit.
Would you like some juice?
Where is Bubba?
I swear I can smell poo.
Piran please do not give the baby her dummy.
Please stay away from your sister she is asleep.
Yes, very good, shhh.
Piran please don’t play in the doorway.
Good boy.
Have we got enough bottles made up.
Thank you Piran.
Where is the remote control?
No we can’t watch cbeebies right now.
Do you want to watch cbeebies?
Where is my phone?
I am tired.
No Piran you cannot have any crisps.
What time did we feed her last?
Have you seen the Infacol?
We need more nappies.
What do you say?
Say Thank you.

I am sure that there are a lot more on this list but as usual my sleep deprived brain is letting the side down.

With one day much the same as the other it was really nice on Friday afternoon when there was a ring at the doorbell and I was delivered a lovely bunch of flowers form Interflora that they had kindly sent me to review. I had chosen the Cottage Garden Hand-tied and it is a beautiful mix of roses and stocks and peonies. Exactly the same peonies that we have in our garden – it was a real treat to have them inside for a change as ours are covered in ants (I only made the mistake of cutting them and bringing them inside once!) They smell utterly divine. Sadly, they completely set Mr C’s hayfever off so they are now in our conservatory and I have to look at them through the kitchen window. They are still gorgeous and cheer me up when I am doing the dishes!

Looking around Interflora’s website there is so much choice and all of the flowers are wonderful. You can find florists in London (and everywhere else in the country), Father’s Day gifts and even arrange same day flower delivery.

Disclosure: I was sent a bouquet of flowers free of charge for the purpose of this review.




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