The Gallery: I’m grateful for…

1 06 2011

I’m short of time so I have lifted this explanation of thus week’s theme straight from Tara (I hope she will not mind!)

Today my lovely friend Chris is on the verge of a huge adventure.
In her own words in an email to be this week, she is “trying to pack, blog and be a mum and wife” in the midst of tearing her hair out. Because on Monday Chris is going on an amazing journey to Mozambique with Save the Children.
She has been invited along as part of their campaign to make a lot of noise ahead of the Global Vaccination Summit on June 13. The aim is to encourage the world’s leaders plug the vaccination funding gap.
They want a fair deal for children the world over.
All YOU have to do is sign their petition.

At the moment 1 in 5 children don’t receive any vaccinations whatsoever and millions are dying of preventable diseases as a result.
Chris’s journey is about trying to raise awareness of that.
On her travels, she will also be meeting mothers whose children have died of pneumonia, and as she has an asthmatic child who has had the pneumonia vaccine herself, this will be a very personal journey for her.

So, this week’s theme is: I’m Grateful For . . .
You will read a lot of posts about this event over the coming weeks, be asked to pass on the news, support their work.
And it’s really really easy to have your eyes glaze over, click ‘close’ and move on.
Don’t do that.
Support Chris and the rest of the team who are only doing all of this to help children.
I’ve just been over and signed now . . .  it only takes a few seconds.
And then go give Chris a virtual hug: She is the most lovely and talent blogger and this will be a HUGE for her.

There are a million things that I am grateful for, from family and friends, having a wonderful place to live, being able to have children and stay home to look after them. That we have food and water and shelter and love. That we have access to healthcare and all the wonderful creature comforts that we have that make our life easier.

But right now, amid the chaos and sleep deprivation the one thing that I am most grateful for is one person. This one.

Looking tired but very happy

He is an amazing Dad, a wonderful husband, my best friend and quite frankly the only thing that is keeping me sane these days. So I am grateful to him and everything that he does for me and our babies.

Have you signed that petition yet?




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