21 days

25 05 2011

It seems so hard to believe that Kate is three weeks old already. All of that waiting beforehand and then suddenly time starts whizzing by.

Mind you, when she is crying her heart out each minute feels like an hour!

Things have been a bit more settled in the evenings. We doubled the dose of Infacol and she has been a bit easier. Sadly, the knock on effect is that she doesn’t seem to want to sleep after her night feeds so I end up being up half the night. I prefer that to the full on screaming though. Maybe it is colic, maybe not, we are just taking one day at a time and trying to do things to help her. I had a good chat to the Health Visitor today and Kate is a great weight (10lb 8oz) and seems well so we just need to focus on the good points.

We took her to the Osteopath yesterday which was great. She definitely has a very hard tummy and she worked on getting it to relax a bit. She also had trouble turning her head to the left which she fixed and a very squished up head that could have been giving her quite a headache. Kate seemed to love whatever she was going to her head and it sent her into a deep sleep. I wish she could do that for us at night as well!

In other news Piran was roaring at me the other day (we were playing Lions) and I noticed a tooth coming through at the back. He has has 16 teeth for a year so I guess that this is one of his back molars. Since I noticed he has been really unsettled at night, and not just when Kate is crying. I am guessing that they are bothering him quite a bit.

They tag teamed me last night and if I wasn’t up with Kate I had Piran in the bed with me. Hence the fact that I haven’t actually slept since around 2am this morning! It is an experience, that is all I can say.

My mum and stepdad have been here for a week which has been nice. They are leaving in a couple of days and then we have one last long weekend before Mr C goes back to work. I am scared about being home with two children all by myself but I am quite looking forward to getting on with it. I expect Piran will be a nightmare next week has he has had company and been amused every moment of every day for the last three weeks. It usually takes him a while to remember how to amuse himself. So next week will be interesting I reckon.

I have good moments and bad moments. I am not very good with the crying I find it so very difficult. I think that it will be easier when my parents leave and we get to deal with it on our own, at the moment I kind of feel like I am being watched all of the time. As someone said to me recently, parenting with an audience is never easy. She is very right. I am very scared that I am unable to do this, to cope, but Mr C gives me pep talks and there are times when I feel good and times that are harder. That is the way with any new baby.

Anyway, it seems that both Piran and Kate are about to wake up so I must go. I miss writing and posting here so I begged for 20 minutes to myself to just record how I am feeling. Basically exhausted and anxious and quite stressed but taking time to cuddle and stare at this makes me feel much better.




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