Labour – the Twitter version

11 05 2011

Wow. Our little girl was born a week ago. Just for posterity I wanted to record my tweets of what happened.

2nd May

My plan for this evening: Bath, bed, sleep. My plan for tomorrow: Have a baby. #positivethinking

3rd May

Last night I dreamt that I had the baby in a caravan and she was 23 lbs. That’s one dream I hope doesn’t come true. Ouch!

Lunch at the pub nice & cleaning fairies have been in while we were out. I feel very tired and achy now though. Bath or nap???

Contractions started at 2, roughly every 10 minutes. Now they are around every 6 minutes. Not getting too excited, but fingers crossed.

Right, Twitter too distracting for now and forgotten to keep timing contractions so I am off for a bit. Will keep checking in.

Ah bugger, the contractions are irregular now. Going to head to bed and try to sleep. Reckon this could take days!

4th May

Coming up for 11 hours worth of irregular contractions. They aren’t stopping but not getting any more exciting! Can doze but not sleep.

Contractions more painful and more often but not enough to go to the hospital yet.

Just got to hospital.

Kate Eva Cheesley born just after 9 this morning. Not sure about the weight yet.

She was a healthy 9lbs 7oz and I managed with just gas and air.




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