Then there were two

6 05 2011

I was very nervous about how Piran would react when he met the “Bubby” for the first time.

I shouldn’t have worried, it was magical.

He laughs when she cries (most of the time) and calls her “Cake”.

He came back into the house from staying at his Nanny and Grandad’s house and I was just blown away by how big he was. I had forgotten that he could talk and run and was a little boy. He is so grown up all of a sudden.

People keep asking if Kate looks like Piran when he was small. At this age he was still covered in tubes in SCBU but this is my favourite photo of him when the tubes came off. I think he was around 4 days old.

I took this photo of Kate this morning. I love that they are wearing the same outfit.




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